The Consultant Diaries

I’ve quickly learned that one of my favorite aspects of consulting is the wide variety of topics that are brought in. I get to learn about things I never would have sought out to learn on my own. For example, I have met with WRA students writing about their field of study, so I have read about a variety of topics like criminal justice, biomedical engineering, education, and nursing. None of these are fields that I have taken classes in, so by helping clients with their writing I get to learn a little something myself.  I did not know what type of research that nurses took part in or even what exactly a biomedical engineer did.  But now, I can honestly say I know something. I get to come home from work and say “hey I learned something new today,” granted my roommates don’t always want to hear about it.

So to all of the clients out there, please continue to bring in your work! It gives us something to do other than focus on our own work. I mean, I would rather talk about “gangnam style” and “James and the Giant Peach” than do my reading for class and sit on Facebook for hours at a time.

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