The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.The end of the semester is getting closer and everyone is getting more and more stressed.  But on the upside, clients now have an idea of what their professors want.  I have had several clients come in the past couple of weeks where they have said “here is my paper and this is what my professor marked me down on with my last paper.”  Let me tell you, that makes my job so much easier.  If you can tell me what your professor has told you to watch for, then we both know what to look out for while reading through your paper.  fountain pen and red ink on black and white words

Furthermore, if you can bring in a copy of your previous work, then we can compare the two and be sure that you are not repeating the same errors.  So while this time of year may seem more stressful than ever, just remember we all have more to go on with writing assignments than we did back in September.

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