The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.Everyone is getting ready for finals week and so are we.  We have submitted our available times and received a new finals week schedule.  The website content committee is preparing several pieces of writing in advance to be posted during finals.  The Writing Center is getting ready for the end of the semester madness, are you?Cartoon of student balancing several books on his shoulders

If you see a regular consultant at a regular time, be prepared to search for them in a new location.  And not all of our satellite locations are open.  McDonel and Hubbard will be open Sunday from 5-9 and Brody, Holden, and the Union will be open Monday from 5-9.  But Bessey and the Library will be open during their regular hours.  Make your appointments early so you can get the times you want.  The end of another semester is near and we are here to help you before we all head home for good food and lots of rest.

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