The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.As a consultant we are sometimes required to give workshops.  I made it through my first semester, the fall semester, without having to give any workshops, and only a month into this new semester I have already given two and am scheduled to give another one in a couple weeks.  I guess we never know what to expect as consultants.

The first workshop I gave was an Intro to the Writing Center workshop.  This was relatively simple, all I had to do was talk about what we do at The Writing Center and I do that every couple of weeks.  It also helped that I was giving it with a fellow consultant who had previously given the workshop before.  All workshops at The Writing Center are given by two consultants at a time, and hopefully at least one of those consultants has given the workshop before and acts as the leader.  This helps immensely as a new consultant who has no idea what to do.

The second workshop I gave was for Peer Response.  This one wasn’t quite as simple.  I found myself standing in front of a room of students who expected me to be the expert, when I’m not one hundred percent sure of what I’m even doing.  But again, I had a fellow consultant who did know what they were doing and knew how to run the workshop.  So, basically, while conducting a workshop seems daunting, it’s usually not too bad since you usually have a veteran with you.

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