The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.My first semester at The Writing Center, I did not have the opportunity to work in Bessey, the main center.  I was only a consultant in the BCC and the Library. This semester, however, I am working a majority of my hours in Bessey and am noticing a big difference in the type of work I do and the clients that come.

For starters, while working in Bessey I have been significantly more involved in The Writing Center activities.  I have now conducted 3 workshops and have been scheduled for Online Consulting, which I never did last semester.  Furthermore, working in Bessey, I am in constant contact with my fellow consultants.  In the satellite locations, I really only saw the consultants that worked within those satellites, and this isn’t to say that I did not enjoy working in those places, but that I did not have the opportunity to get to know a lot of other consultants.

Having more contact with my fellow consultants allows me to collaborate with them more.  For instance, when writing this blog, I am able to discuss topics with a wider variety of people.  Also, when preparing for a workshop, I have a chance to get to know the person I am conducting the workshop with and discuss what we should talk about or what we should present.

Basically, working at The Writing Center is pretty awesome, but I feel that working in Bessey has increased the opportunities The Writing Center provides.

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