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Curiouser and Curiouser – Why Aren’t You Celebrating Mad Hatter Day?

Adapted from the 10/6 (10 shillings sixpence) price ticket that adorns the hat of Lewis Carroll’s beloved character, the Mad Hatter, this nonsensical holiday is filled with frivolous fun.

Have midterms made you mad? Don’t worry; the best people usually are. We’re all mad here, but we’re not losing our muchness. Instead we’re celebrating our right to silliness, to live in a world where everything is nonsense, to be entirely bonkers. So take a few tips from us and plan your own tea party in honor of Mad Hatter Day.

The Ultimate Checklist for the Mad Hatter Tea Party

The Hat
An indispensible accessory, you can express your madness through the wonders of haberdashery with the small side-fascinator or the traditional gentleman’s top hat. Add style to your personality.

Traditional hat Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY
Click images for DIY tutorials.

Unbirthday Invitations
Birthday parties are so passé; impress your friends with invites to a less conventional celebration.


Click image for DIY tutorial.

Sturdy Table
You’re going to get your Futterwacken on, so you’ll need a table that can handle your jaunty jig.

Caffeine is key; keep alert to party all night long. These teas make a zany addition to any table.

Wedgewood Queen of Heartskashmiri-chai-done1
Queen of Hearts Tea (left), Pink Tea (right):  Click images for more info.

What’s an unbirthday party without food? Maximize your madness; don’t celebrate on an empty stomach. Try strawberries with clotted cream, or perhaps a scone or tea cake is in order.

Tea Pot – Dormouse optional, though highly suggested!
Might we suggest these Lansing Craigslist gems?


Chipped China
Whipping teacups across the room can be rough on porcelain. Once your party gets under way, shenanigans and high-jinx will ensue.

Perhaps post-party you’ll be able to answer our riddle: Why is a raven like a writing desk?