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One of the more exciting and terrifying points of your life is when you approach finishing  your degree. You are completing this phase of your life and move towards getting an internship or a job.  Because Michigan State is a major university you have the opportunity to meet with potential employers at career fairs.  Spring is the season for career fairs, internship applications, and applications for graduate school.  No matter how experienced of a writer you are, it will help to get someone to look at your resume, cover letters, or statement of purpose.  There are many issues to think about as you refine your documents to give you the edge in this competitive environment.

Questions to ask about your resume:

  • Should I use a traditional education-based resume or a skills-based resume?
  • Should I include my GPA?
  • What type of verbs should I use?
  • How should I use space, format, font?
  • Do I bring out my soft skills as well as my major accomplishments?

Questions to ask about your cover letter:

  • Does this letter include all of the relevant information not in my resume?
  • Does this letter have the correct tone, style, and format for a formal business letter?
  • Does the structure of the letter optimally communicate my message?

Questions to ask about your statement of purpose:

  • Does this statement answer any specific questions the institution asked?
  • Does the structure and arrangement of ideas help communicate my message?
  • Does this statement positively communicate my goals?
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Visit “The Place” for writing help at the BCC

Come and visit The Writing Center soon to go over your materials and get prepared for the next step.  At the BCC (Business Communication Center) we have LOTS of experience with resumes, cover letters and statements of purpose. We would love to see you and hear your story!

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