On Graduation

It’s that time of the year where everyone is excited. Classes have finally ended, finals will be over soon, and a new class of seniors will be crossing the stage to accept their “diploma” from MSU. I will be one of those people. Everyone asks me, “Are you excited? What are you doing after you graduate? Do you have any plans? Do you have a job? Are you nervous? Are you sad?” Well, in short: not sure, not sure, kind of, no, yes, kind of.


Everyone expects seniors to have everything planned out to a T and be excited. In reality, it’s terrifying. Thinking about the fact that my undergrad college career is over is mind blowing and unbelievable. My entire life has been school. It’s what I’ve been good at. The cycle of summer job, school in the fall, winter break, school, repeat , is ingrained in me. School is what I’ve always been good at. I can’t imagine not feeling the need to go back to school in the fall. Not only that, but finding a job is hard. I know that seems obvious, but I think it’s something that all incoming freshman think isn’t true; I think it’s something we all expect to happen because, well, why wouldn’t it? But it’s hard, especially if you want the kind of job that is directly related to your major. It’s literally like sending out 20 resumes to get five rejections, two callbacks, and no responses from the rest. It’s disheartening and depressing and it just adds to the anxiousness of everything.


But things are starting to change. School is getting exhausting, and I’m starting to get tired of being in a classroom and writing about “what I would do” and not having the opportunity to do it. I want more actual experience at a company doing a job so I can know what specifically to improve on. I think I’m starting to get tired of school. I’m not saying I would never come back to it (I want a Ph.D eventually), but I’m hitting the point that I need a break from it. I want to know what it’s like not to have to worry about schoolwork.


My time at MSU has had its ups and downs, but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my college career. I love everything about this campus. I love the river, the rock, the Spartan spirit, the friends I’ve made, the self growth I’ve gone through, and all the experiences. Graduating is going to be hard, it’s going to be an emotional week coming up to graduation, but it’s necessary and it’s a good thing. I refuse to cry about it, though I know I will eventually, but I will smile and continue smiling as I cross the stage. All the money, time, tears, all-nighters, and caffeine was worth it. It’s finally done, and I’m more than content about it.


However, on behalf of all students graduating please, PLEASE, stop asking us those anxiety creating questions. We’re freaking out enough about them.


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