STAF – Strategies & Tools Across Fields: Teaching with Writing

A Professional Development Workshop Series for MSU Graduate Faculty
May 12-13, 2020   |    9:00 am to 3:30 pm

  • Do you want to improve the quality of your students’ writing?
  • How can your writing and composition activities become more effective learning tools?
  • What are other ways to make student-writing assignments achieve your own and your field’s learning objectives, goals, and core knowledge?

This interactive faculty-led set of workshops will address the following issues that emerge when teaching with writing across university disciplines:

  • Designing effective writing assignments
  • Scaffolding writing assignments
  • Connecting writing and critical thinking
  • Using peer response effectively
  • Responding to and (re)developing student writing
  • Developing assessment rubrics
  • Teaching discipline-specific genre

Participants will develop or modify at least two writing assignments that can be used in future courses and a tentative syllabus that weaves together writing assignments and course content.

Workshop Facilitators
Karen-Elizabeth Moroski; WC Associate Director
Dustin De Felice; Director, English Language Center
Amy Wisner; Professor, Broad College of Business
Rachel Robinson; WC Graduate Coordinator
Sponsored by The Writing Center @ Michigan State University

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