The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.So after I made it through my first few weeks observing at The Writing Center and got myself almost a week ahead in homework, I was finally able to take appointments.  I finally got to jump in and start consulting.  I had so many different ways that I wanted to approach an appointment after watching several of my fellow consultants approach their own.  Whether it was brainstorming ideas, reading aloud, or just talking about writing, I was ready to just start consulting.  But then again, clients could make appointments with me.  What type of clients would I get?  Would I be able to help them at all?  What if it was a science or math related paper?  I haven’t taken a science class in years!  And then there was the thought, what if they don’t show up?

And in my first week of appointments, several of my clients simply just didn’t show up.  Seriously, one night of working 7-10 at The Writing Center in the Library, I had 3 appointments scheduled and I had 3 no-shows.  So instead of consulting like I had planned, I wrote a paper, sat on facebook, and chatted with other consultants.  Hopefully it was just my luck that my clients couldn’t make it in my first week of appointments.  Hopefully, that will change, but only time will tell.

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