The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.Welcome back to a new semester! At The Writing Center we have been preparing for this with a staff orientation.  As a returning consultant, staff orientation this semester was much different from last.  Back in August, I was just beginning, I barely knew anyone and was unsure of what to expect.  But now with a semester of consulting under my belt, orientation was a lot more fun and easy going.

You might be wondering what we do at the beginning of a new semester and I’ll tell you.  We did actually talk about important Writing Center business like resumes, mentoring, and making flyers for this semester’s 20/20 events.  But we also had some fun with Writing Center Trivia, we split into groups based on our satellite locations, I was a member of the Luscious Librarians and our bookshelves did bring all the boys to the yard.  And then began the good old healthy competition, which resulted in a win by the McDonel McNuggets.  Being a consultant always has its ups and downs, but more so ups, even when you lose in Trivia.

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